The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Ploughing & Haymaking in the traditional way with the Shorter's

Ploughing at the Pioneer Day with Heavy Horse Group at Otorahanga. (Douglas and Gerry Shorter in Background)

Waikato Heavy Horse group haymaking at a local marae outside Putaruru.
Joy Hollins is raking up the hay with horse Robbie and bringing it to the stacker which are the next two photos. In the background is a traction engine that is working a stationary baler and making bales from hay delivered to it by horse.

Very labour intensive but great to watch. They worked very hard in the 'old days'.

Gerry Shorter is leading Douglas, the horse in the stacker. This takes the hay from the pile and up to the men on top of the stack to those who are making it.

Douglas giving rides at the vet clinic opening. He is grand old horse, 20 years old, and under supervision anyone can hold his reins and occasionally Gerry will let people drive him. We are very proud of our critters and like taking the opportunity of taking them out in the public. Children just love the donkeys and of course Douglas our gentle giant.

Jenny Shorter