The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Donkey & Mule Society South Island Show, 2012

Photos taken by Lea Hullett

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Supreme Champion Donkey, Wee Dram Massey Ferguson, Diana Humphries.

Best Presented Donkey & Champion Gelding, Tara Burlington Bertie From Bow, Jacci Creek.

Reserve Supreme Champion In-Hand Donkey, Kowhai Rosie, Robin Winter.

Champion Youngstock, Cotswold Krystella, Diana Humphries (Handler Margaret Salkeld).

Reserve Champion Youngstock, Flaxton Green Mr. Mario with his Mother Kentley Mary Magee, Sherryn & Graeme Green (Handlers Nicola Green and Tim Chaw

Cotswold Cindy Ella and foal Cotswold Billy Bob, Diana Humphries and Heslington Jasmine, Heather Smallridge

Reserve Champion Gelding, Tara Squirrel Nutkin, Jean Reid.

Champion Harness Donkey, Flaxton Green Coco Chanel, Sherryn Green, & Reserve Stormy, Nicola Green (Whip)

Most Versatile Donkey, Flaxton Green Coco Chanel, Sherryn Green

Pam Donnelly leading the pack class

Pack Class Winner, Flaxton Green Coco Chanel, Sherryn Green

Graeme and Heather Smallridge are hand rearing Ridgeparke Dawn whose mother died shortly after her birth in January. Two hourly feeds of a special formula for the first two weeks and then an orphan foalmix containing lucerne, oats and molasses was introduced. Dawn has not looked back. Heather says she is her mummy now and she loves her to bits. For a few hours in the daytime Dawn goes out with the other donkeys so she knows that she is a donkey and not a human.

Cotswold Billy Bob, dead to the world after his big morning and the centre of attention.

Elinikos Cleo, a beautiful English/Irish jenny owned by Jen Bayliss.
I think donkeys with naturally long hair look really cute when left with a natural fluffy coat — not trimmed up look like a show pony (Editor).

Eleanor Rae, Belletrees Dixie Drum, A cutie if ever there was one. There is something about donkeys which defies the judges' opinion on placings and appeals to the ordinary person as this one does. A woman standing near to me remarked, “Well I don't care what the judge thought, this is my pick.” (Editor)

Harness Class — Belletrees Dixie Drum, Eleanor Rae, Stormy, Nicola Green & Flaxton Green Coco Chanel, Sherryn Green.

Flaxton Green Christmas Lily, Graeme Green.

Download printer friendly pdf of Results for Donkey Section