The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Information Day at Kaiapoi, February, 2007

Photos Lea Hullett

Arthur Salkeld gave a very clear demonstration of hoof trimming and lots of tips as he worked. The March issue on Donkey and Mule Dispatch featured some of these. He also advised people to consult the society booklet, (How to Look After and Care for Your Donkey - which is available free to members) or a good reference book such as Donkey Business 111.

below left: Jan Wright, South Island
Representative and organiser, steadies her
gelding Cloudberry as Arthur works on his feet.

left and above: Warren Newick with Tara Samson gave invaluable instruction on how to present your donkey to the judge to the best advantage and to aid his/her work. One tip which aids in leading, was to have the chain/lead rein tucked under the noseband on the bridle as Cotswold Little Monty demonstrated.

left: Margaret Salkeld with Cotswold Little Monty and life member, Zanna Cameron, who gave a most informative talk on ring etiquette.
right: Diana Humphries gave a demonstration on teaching a donkey to walk out well on lead with a yellow plastic bag tied to the end of her whip, Walking smartly at her shoulder is El Burro Silver Fern owned by Joss Gray and Wendy Greenwood.

Diana Humphries with her mule El Donto

Emma Tweed riding Comet,
with mother Clare and Jack
all took part in the obstacle course.

Yes, sometimes a pony appears at donkey days! Little Blue lives with donkeys and was here for some help with harness but here is giving a ride to Leigh. He is owned by Wendy Greenwood and Joss Grey at Herbert.

Julianna Logan and her helpers gave instruction in harness.

Julie Watson and Farmyard Chinook.

Robin Winter driving Kowhai Rosie,

Robin Winter with Proud Othello.

Margaret Salkeld with Cotswold Little Monty