The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Mackenzie Highland A & P Show 2008

February 24, 2008. Judge Ian Gould

photos Lea Hullett

above left: Nicola Thistoll with Supreme Donkey/Mule & Oakridge First Flight. right: Reserve Oakridge Captivate & Lloyd Thistoll.

above: Line up of some of the donkeys and mules from left: Sue Campbell and Inverquhomery Asher & Inverquhomery Dynamite, Alice Jones with Mossman George & Mossman Truffle, Jocelyn Gray & El Burro Silver Fern, Wendy Greenwood & El Burro Soraya, Cynthia Sim with Ashridge Lucky Fern & Oakview Summer Rose, Lloyd Thistol & Oakview Dragon Fly and Nicola Thistoll with Oakview First Flight at the end.

Maiden — any age from left: Iain Jones holding Wendy Greenwood & Jocelyn Gray's El Burro Lilliana Rose, Judge Ian Gould, Jones family Mossman Truffle, Apache of El Burro with Bronwyn Halliday, Ross Jones Convenor.

left: Best Presented: Apache of El Burro with Bronwyn Halliday

left: Foal or Yearling: El Burro Indiana & W Greenwood (right), El Burro Lilliana Rose & Iain Jones. right: Jenny over 2 years El Burro Silver Fern with Wendy Greenwood

Gelding or jack over 2 years: Sue Campbell and Inverquhomery Asher

Cynthia Sim with Best Presented Mule Oakridge First Flight.

Led Rein, as a unit, rider under 14 years: Wendy Greenwood — J Gillingham on El Burro Silver Fern.

Pack — any type of gear: Iain Jones with Mossman George, Bronwyn Halliday with Mossman Jake. Included in the photo is Ian Gould Judge and Ross Jones convener.

Best Action Donkey / Mule in Harness: Mossman George with Alice Jones

Obstacle Course — in hand / led rein / ridden, judged on accuracy and time: Sue Campbell & Inverquhomery Dynamite. In background & 2nd placed was Oakridge First Flight owned by N & L Thistoll. Shown here with judge Ian Gould and Ross Jones.

Photos Lea Hullett