The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Inaugural International Day of The Donkey October 7, 2006

Colunda Farm Donkeys

By Gary Blake
Saturday 7 October dawned a beautiful morning amidst the rugged eastern peaks of the Coromandel mountains and the Firth of Thames. Our band of willing helpers including a pig hunter, social worker, builder, farmer, engineer and Cathy Creed from over the mountain arrived and all were then briefed.We were not quite sure how the public would react. The news was around town and visitors trickled in throughout the day. Most opted for tractor transport up our 0.5km drive where, at the summit, they were bowled over by the view of the Hauraki Gulf, refreshed and then either chose the walk west to the kakariki in our QE11 Kauri covenant passing half our donkeys (overseen by Cathy), or east past emus, proteas, pine nuts and cattle to the 3 acre paddock where one delighted visitor returned to say "you have a brand new foal".

Chelsea had just produced Ebony, a lovely jet black jenny foal (photo). How's that for timing! Of interest is Chelsea, who had two phantom pregnancies before a homoeopathic treatment with pulsatilla which had put her in the family way. A very pleasant day with about 50-60 visitors, including one or two local donkey people. Kaye Manning's dentistry was well received. All left happy for their experience which is just as well because, if we are to keep our global mean air temperature increase over the next 50 years to 1°C, we are going to have to replace our nation's trucks with donkeys and we will need to service the donkeys. Visitors donated a total of $38 to the Donkey & Mule Protection Trust and this has been forwarded on.