Season's Foals 2013 - 14

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Clovercrest Puccini
( AKA Toby ) AMMD 137T
Dark smokey jack, DOB 31st January, 2014

Sire: SCompas Romano
Dam: Hiwest Pizzaz (Imp Canada)

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Luca
Light red jack, DOB 5th January 2014

Sire: Cyder's Spartacus (Imp USA)
Dam: lovercrest Miss Maisie

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Brunotti
Dark brown jack, DOB 27th December, 2013

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
Dam: CChateaus Country Trios S.C. Reg. AMMD 60

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Dominick
Black jack no stripe, DOB 18th December 2013

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
Dam: Clovercrest Piazolla

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Amazing Grace
( Gracie ) AMMD 131 T
Red jenny, DOB 16th December 2013

Sire: Riverside Sparky Magnito 9 (Imp USA)
Dam: Clovercrest Starlet.

She was given the name Amazing Grace as it is truly amazing that she and her dam survived the birth. She was hauled into the world with the help of chains around her neck and legs after a long struggle. She was born lifeless but after quite an effort by the vet she slowly flickered back to life. The vet has never revived a foal that far gone. Amazingly she now is a happy healthy foal here by the grace of God. Clovercrest Stud

Smuggler's Cove Brandy Wine
7.45am on Tuesday the 3rd December, 2013

Sire: Wee Dram Massey Ferguson Reg. JK09/1577/4
Dam : Cotswold Moira NZ Reg JY98/1310/2

This is Moira's fifth foal and all have been born in daylight hours. Brandy is owned by Margaret and Arthur Salkeld and is Wee Dram Massey Ferguson's first foal.

Jack, DOB 14th November, 2013

Sire: Murrayfield Betta-By-Far
Dam: Fernlea Tamara

At Joan Rabbitte's Fernlea Stud

Clovercrest Loretta
Red jenny, DOB 27th October, 2013

Sire: Cyder's Spartacus (Imp USA)
Dam: Frontier Legend’s Lillian (Imp USA)

She will be a small jenny, birth height 20". We are thrilled with her and will be retaining her for showing.

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Belladonna
Brown Jenny. DOB 20th October 2013

Sire: Splendor’s Nestle Special Dark(Imp USA)
Dam : Country Music Billie Jo Spears (Imp USA)

Birth height 21inch. A lovely jenny who will be making her home in Tasmania.

Clovercrest Stud

Cotswold (unnamed)
Jenny, Foaled October 12, 2013

Sire: Chateaus Texas Premiere MB
Dam: Cotswold Pickadee

This is Pickadee's first foal. A gorgeous little upstanding jenny, that has that ‘look at me’ attitude. She that should mature under 9.hh.