Season's Foals 2010 - 2011

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Clovercrest Sorrento
Reg. AMMD 101 T
Jack. Foaled March 16, 2011. Sorrel

Sire: Cyder's Spartacus (Imp USA)
Dam: Ass-Pirin Acres Show Baby (Imp USA)

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Allegra
Reg. AMMD 100T
Jenny. Foaled March 3, 2011. Sorrel

Sire: Riverside's Sparky Magnito (Imp USA)
Dam: Clovercrest Starlet

his little donkey is the 100th American Miniature Mediteranean donkey to be born in New Zealand. It took 14 years to reach this magical number. The first three American Miniatures were imported by Jack and Maisie Hurst in May 1997.

Clovercrest Stud

Elinikos Danielle
Foaled December 2, 2010.

Sire: Arcadia Pinnochio (Imp Aust) Reg. K91/754/3
Dam: Elinikos Aneeka
At Jen and Bruce Bayliss's, Christchurch

Cotswold Gideon
Foaled December 1, 2010

Sire: Taranganba McGinty (Imp Aust) Reg. JK87/755/3NZ
Dam: Pukehou Gina Reg. JY98/1688/3

Clovercrest Prada
Reg No AMMD 99T
Foaled November 17, 2010. Jet black NLP jack with star.

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
Dam: Hiwest Pizzaz (Imp Canada)

Clovercrest Stud

Wilhelmenia Winkie
Foaled September 16, 2010

Sire: Unknown
Dam: Dam: Queen Victoria

The dam of this strikingly colored foal was one of Joan Rabbitte's rescuedonkeys. The foals coat colour is interesting as its mother was brown and there are no jacks of this colour on the farm she came from.

Clovercrest Rigoletto
Reg. AMMD 98 T
Foaled September 2, 2010, Jack

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp. USA)
Dam: Cyder's Red Violet (Imp. USA)

Clovercrest Stud

El Burro Amaliyah Rose
Foaled August 27, 2010, Jenny

Sire: El Burro Shaymus Magee JK03/1300/4 brown
Dam: El Burro Lilliana Rose JY06/1762/4 skewbald

Cotswold Krystella
Foaled August 26, 2010, Jenny

Sire: Taranganba McGinty JK87/755/3NZ (Imp Aust)
Dam: Murrayfield Kotton Kandy Reg NZ JY97/1222/3

Clovercrest Bobby Jo
Foaled August 16, 2010. Jenny

Sire: Country Music's Spade Cooley (Imp. USA)
Dam: Country Music's Billy Jo Spears (Imp. USA)

Clovercrest Stud