Season's Foals 2009 - 2010

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

El Burro Mignonette
Dark grey jenny born January 16, 2010

Sire: El Burro Shaymus Magee JK03/1300/4 brown
Dam: El Burro Soraya JY02/1570/3 dark brown/black

This is the first foal for Soraya and the last for us this season. The smallest foal at only 22 inches at birth and from our biggest jenny too.

Jenny, foaled January 28, 2009

Sire: Ben Benger Buie Reg. JK98/1119/3
Dam Fernlea Molly Mandy Reg. JY96/1179/3

At Joan Rabbitte's Fernlea Donkey Stud with her grandchildren, Monique & Jade.

Clovercrest La Doncella
Reg. AMMD 93 T
Jenny born January 26, 2010

Sire: Arcadia Pinnochio (Imp Aust) Reg. K91/754/3
Dam: Sire: Splendors Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
Dam: Cyders Marmalade (Imp USA)
A brilliant jenny foal

Clovercrest Stud

Cotswold My Rafferty
Jack born December 13, 09

Sire: Arcadia Pinnochio Reg. JK91/754/3
Dam: Cotswold Moira Reg. JY98/1310/2

Rafferty is Moira's fourth foal and all have been born in the daylight, which was just as well this time around, as she decided to have him down a very steep bank, amongst the trees! Margaret Salkeld (Moira's Carer) said ‘I was so grateful that Art was here, as he caught Rafferty as he arrived into the world and was then able to lift him up the bank to the safety of flat land. Moira remained composed throughout proceedings! She's such a relaxed mum.
Rafferty is growing into a lovely little donkey, with his mum's gentle nature and his dad's great temperament.’

Clovercrest Bella Contessa
Reg. AMMD 91T
Jenny born January 12, 2010 Dark russet red

Sire: Cyders Spartacus (Imp.USA)
Dam: Clovercrest Miss Maisie

Clovercrest Stud

Clovercrest Zeus
Reg. AMMD 92T
Jack born January 12, 2010 grey dun

Sire: Riverside Sparky Magnito (Imp.USA)
Dam: Chateaus Sweet Dewette

Clovercrest Stud

Flaxton Green Christmas Lily
Foaled September 16, 2010
Foaled December 26, 09, pure English Jenny

Sire: Berrabri Wolfendon (Imp Aust) Reg. JK93/1126/4
Dam: Fernlea Tabitha Reg. JY98/1331/5

Jack foaled November 30, 2009

Sire: Ben Benger Buie Reg. JK98/1119/3
Dam Fernlea Lucy Reg. JY96/1200/2
The jenny in the background is Fernlea Maggie, heavily in foal at the time of the photo taken at Joan Rabbitte's Fernlea Donkey Stud. (Maggie has now had a little black jack. )

Clovercrest Starbuck
Reg. AMMD 86T
Foaled November 15, 2009

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
ddam Ass-pirin Acres Showbaby (Imp USA)

Clovercrest Stud

El Burro Soleila
Foaled October 25, 09

Sire: Arcadia Pinnochio Reg. JK91/754/3
Dam Berrabri Sparkle Reg. JY94/1103/2 (Imp)

El Burro Krystal Rose
Foaled October 20, 09

Sire: El Burro Shaymus Magee Reg. JK03/1300/4
Dam Sundown Rosie O'Grady Reg. JY88/813/3

El Burro Kashaya
Foaled October 10, 09

Sire: El Burro Shaymus Magee Reg. JK03/1300/4
Dam Cheyenne of El Burro Reg. JY01/1683/1

Clovercrest Pritzzi
Foaled August 26, 09

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)
Dam Ass-pirin Acres Showbaby (Imp USA)Splendor's Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA)

Clovercrest Stud