ANZAC Day Donkey rides at Timaru's Aigantighe Art Gallery

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

ANZAC Day 2007 saw five donkeys giving rides to children in the beautiful grounds of the Aigantighe Art Gallery in Timaru.

Cynthia and David Sim with their donkeys
Millie and Joel ready for children.

The idea was the director of the Gallery's and organised by Lea Hullett and members of the Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand Inc. This was a way to mark ANZAC day and also the painting, 'Simpson & his donkey', painted by Horace Moore-Jones who was at Gallipoli and most likely witnessed the donkey Murphy, and Simpson as they rescued the injured. The painting was on display in the Aigantighe Art Gallery and children were encouraged to read the story in a book, The Donkey Man (Glyn Harper), provided by the Gallery.

Bruce Clark, who brought the gazebo, issued tickets. Rides were a $2 coin but, with donations came to $182, which went to the Donkey and Mule Protection Trust, a registered charity. Other helpers were Sue Campbell, Maureen Booth, David Sim and Nick O'Brien.

The Timaru branch of the Red Cross Association provided authentic WWI armbands which were tied to the donkeys nosebands so that they looked just like the donkey in the painting.
Photos: Lea Hullett except where stated otherwise.

Sue Campbell and Clarence owned by Wendy Greenwood and Jocelyn Gray of Herbert.

Soraya lead by Jocelyn Gray. This photo by John Bisset, Timaru Herald. Right: Nick O'Brien leads Cynthia Sim's Joel from Ashburton.

Cynthia Sim and her donkey Millie from Ashburton. Right: Wendy Greenwood of Herbert leads Soraya.

Alice & Ross Jones from Fairlie with Misty. Right: Sue Campbell and Clarence owned by Wendy Greenwood and Jocelyn Gray of Herbert.

All the donkeys had a a feed of carrots, apples, chaff and pony pellets before setting off for their long journeys home.