AGM Christchurch, 2014

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Satuday morning a visit to Robin and Coralie Winter's where morning tea awaited and the donkeys received lots of attention while the mules showed what they can do.

The donkeys at the Winter's. Photo: Lea Hullett

Left: Barbara Jones riding Blueboy at the Winter's and right: Joanne Hardy jumping Zebu. Photo: Lea Hullett

Robin Winter show how well Blueboy does a half pass along a pole. Photo: Lea Hullett

Next we visited Flaxton Green Donkey Stud owned by Sherryn and Graeme Green.

Donkeys at Sherryn and Graeme's just before the invasion of people. Photo: Peter van Dijk

Lunch: Graeme Green shouted the AGM party to a delicious lunch at The Bakery in Rangiora. Women facing the camera are Jenny Mason, Joan Rabbitte, Andrea Thomson and Joanne Hardy. Photo: Lea Hullett. Shopping trip: back row: Susan and Steve Rogerson, Peter and Marion van Dijk and Arthur Salkeld (Obscured), Front: Sandra Stevens, Jan Wright and Margaret Salkeld, taking time out at the shops. Photo: Peter van Dijk

Dinner was held at the Garden Hotel complex where many of us stayed.
Left:The 40th Anniversary cake and right Zanna Cameron, Bob and Veronica Lucy. Photos: Lea Hullett

Left: Soft music in the background set the mood and the screen continually displayed hundreds of photos collected over the years on Lea's computer. Photos: Lea Hullett

Left: John Humphries and Margaret Humphries were in charge of the auction. Photo: Peter van Dijk. Right Marion and Peter van Dijk “wearing something red”. Photo Lea Hullett.

Ian Cameron with Veronica Lucy cutting the Anniversary Cake with Ivan Taylor on the right. Photo: Peter van Dijk.

First up on Sunday was Linda Bellamy's where we enjoyed coffee and a slice on a cool but fine morning.

Left: Susan Rogerson with a donkey and right; Jan Wright with Matthews Xing Mocca Mindy. Photos: Lea Hullett

Left:Lloyd Thistoll rode his lovely calm mule Oakridge Captivate and many people, Including Joan Rabbitte (middle), had a ride on Oakridge Dragonfly, known as Millie. Right: Ann Heffernan on Millie. Photos: Lea Hullett

Left: Peter van Dijk made friends with Matthew's Xing Marco. Trevor Stevens with a donkey at Linda Bellamy's. Photos: Lea Hullett

Left: Jean Reid and Anne Brittan with one of Linda's donkeys. Photo: Lea Hullett. Right: Joanne Hardy, Jenny Mason, Andrea Thomson and Trevor Stevens talking harness and carts. Photo: Peter van Dijk.

The last venue for the AGM was at Diana and John Humphries at Cotswold Stud at Motukarara.

The barn at Cotswold Stud's large loose boxes came into their own when Jasmine of The Trust aged 16 gave birth to her first foal, a jenny, on April 24. Named Morning Glory, she was so tiny she could not feed from her mother for some days and Diana (photo right) milked Jasmine and fed her foal every few hours until she could reach the teats. I found it very hard to take a photo when Diana brought Morning Glory out for people to see; Everyone wanted to touch her. It is very likely and of the vet's and of others' considered opinion that Jasmine carried twins but lost the other a couple of weeks before Morning Glory was born. Photo: Lea Hullett

Marion van Dijk, Margaret Salkeld Sherryn Green and Jan Wright with Awapuni Sally at Cotswold Stud. Photo: Lea Hullett

The barn's kitchen served us with a wonderful lunch prepared by Lizzie who had owned a restaurant (Dizzy Lizzie) which was destroyed in the earthquake. I wasn't going to stay because of time but ended up with two helpings of pumpkin soup, a bread roll which was the best I have eaten for a long time, not to leave out the cupcakes, slices and Anniversary cake. Photo: Lea Hullett