Photos from AGM 2011 held at Napier in 2011

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

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Photos: Lea Hullett, Judy Atkinson & Guy Vincent

Lea Hullett is Driving Thistle. In front is Andrea driving one of her Teamsters and leading another.

Andrea heading for the hay racks

On the way up the web manager spent a night at Palmerston North and next morning enjoyed a drive of Pemberton Thistle. Thistle is trained to the voice. I said “Thistle left” and Thistle went left, I said “Thistle right” and Thistle went right and so on. He felt safe for a novice like me. Andrea Thomson drove Jasmine Mr Darcy and led Pemberton Angelotti with Thistle and me behind as we drove through their wonderful green pastures. Before we set off for Napier Andrea made sure all the donkeys had plenty of hay and barley straw.

On the way to Napier we visited Nancy Neal's where quite a few donkeys she has rescued over the years live under her watchful eye.

Saturday morning — The Art Deco Walk

AGM Dinner and Auction Fun

These photos were taken at the AGM of some of the people who received awards. Margaret Salkeld received Life Membership awards for herself and her husband Arthur.

Left: Barbara Vincent presented Robin Winter with the High Point Mule Trophy.

Right: Jan Wright, Lea Hullett (Sth. Island Publicity Award) & Barbara.

Left: Joan Ribbitte: Right: Barbara & Bryan Clausen

Left: Barbara & Andrea Thomson. Right: Jenny Clausen & Trevor Stevens

Left: Barbara & Elton Moore. Right: Barbara & Wendy Macpherson

Left: Joan watched Trevor as he executed a'turn on the forehand'. Right: Susan Rogerson (Organiser) & Trevor auctioned
a genuine UK beach donkey bridle

Dorothy Moore & Barbara with books for sale.

Guy Vincent & Steve Rogerson

Auction fun.

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