Photos from AGM 2010 held at Pukekohe in 2010

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Morning tea photo taken by Peter van Dijk. We all enjoyed a delicious morning tea

We watched a video and listened to a talk at the famous Rangiriri Maori wars Battle site. Photo: Lea, who along with Andrea were late having got lost which they are both renown for.

Visit to the North Waikato Rehoming Centre

Liz & Vincent Alexander handed out a booklet with a photo and all the history of each donkey.

Liz Alexander explained the work done with donkeys in need of care and rehoming.
photo Peter van Dijk.

Donkey at Liz's. Photos Peter van Dijk.

Left: Liz has great shelters. Right: She also keeps a few hens.

Saturday Evening

Most got into the spirit of the evening for which there was a competition for the most innovative hat and handbag which was won by Andrea for her ‘donkey’ hat and Trevor for his ‘Mr BP’ Arab outfit.

Photo taken by Peter van Dijk of all (or most) of the people who attended the Saturday night dinner

Sunday's visit to Peter and Marion van Dijk's Clovercrest Donkey Stud at Pukekohe. Photos: Lea Hullett

Peter talked about breeding U.S.A / NZ Registered Pure American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.

Donkeys in perfect condition and a wonderfully laid out property. We were all impressed with the housing, clean paddocks and fencing all made by Peter.

Left: Peter demonstrated trimming hooves with power tools. NOT for the amateur to try. Right: Arthur Salkeld and Peter showed how to correctly measure the height of a young donkey.

Sunlova Delos driven by Arthur Salkeld with two happy children enjoying a drive. Delos is owned and trained by Trevor Stevens.

Windy Ridge Black Mariah, a young jennet Bryan and Jenny Clousen recently imported from Canada. Mariah was body clipped by vets before she came through the tropics but will be black when her coat grows through. Though very large and strong the Mammoths in NZ are placid.

A tasty morning tea and generous lunch was provided and then we all said goodbye — until next year!