Photos from AGM 2009 held at Christchurch

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

photos Lea Hullett

We met up at the Saddlery shop on the Main South Road.

Canterbury Equine Clinic Ltd., an equine referral centre specialising in equine surgery.
We were divided into two groups, each with a vet and taken on a tour of the premises and horses in residence.
From left: Jocelyn Gray, John Humphries Janet Ritchie, Margaret Salkeld, Pauline Lovejoy, Jaccy Creak and Andrea Thomson.

At the AGM back at Oxford on Avon, the Mule Committee were presented with a cake iced by Andrea Thomson to thank them for their work on the booklet “Standards of Conformation & Type for Mules and Breeding a Mule”. Those attending the AGM helped them eat it!

Left: The mules gave an impressive display of what they could do in the RDA Building at the Show Grounds on Sunday. Oakridge Dragonfly trotting out by Lloyd Thistoll. Right: Oakridge First Flight coon jumping (jumping from a standstill) for Nicola Thistoll.

Ashridge Lucky Fern (Owned by Cynthia Sim - in black hat) is shown here greeting Susan Rogerson and the people. To the right is Coralie Winter who introduced each animal as they came forward.

Ashridge Lucky Fern coon jumping with Cynthia Sim.

Cathie Perrott riding the Thistoll's mule Oakridge Dragonfly and Nicola Thistoll riding Oakridge First Flight.

Barbara Jones's huge mule “My Triple M” seemed to like her image in the mirror.

Ross Jones drummed in the donkeys making an unforgettable entrance of the 22 donkeys and one mule. The placid Kowhai Rosie led with Robin Winter and as Ross snaked around all the other donkeys fell into line. Rosie was followed by Flaxton Green Macauley with Graeme Green, Julie Watson with Farmyard Chinook, Jan Wright with her donkeys (obscured) and on the far right Trevor Stevens and the others.

They lined up in rows in front of the people. from left: donkey Queen Esther with Kay Tennant (in red jacket) & Eleanor Rae (in black) with Nebuchadnezzar. These donkeys are sister. & brother. They are among the success stories from the The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust of NZ

Left: John Humphries with pony mule El Donto.
Right: Diana Humphries with her jenny Cotswold Cindy Ella.

Left: Jan Wright her two donkeys Greytown Tamsin and Kalangadoo Cloudberry.
Right: Arthur Salkeld with 27 year old Kulnine Jacob.

Left: Elton Moore driving Jacob.
Right: Jen Bayliss with Elinikos Aneeka.

Jackie Bryant, Andrea Thomson and Jaccy Creak discussed harnessing.

Left: Graeme Green with the young English jack Flaxton Green Macauley. Right: Julie Watson driving Farmyard Chinook.

From left: Pam Donnelly and Belltrees Cockleshell, Jaccy Creak with Tara Samson and Jan Wright with Greytown Tamsin