Photos from AGM 2008 held at Palmerston North

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

photos Lea Hullett

A visit to Owlcatraz on Saturday morning which is known for breeding Owls but also have some other interesting animals including this big beef which Wendy Greenwood and Wendy Macpherson were dwarfed by. Photo: photo Joss Gray

We were not allowed to photograph the owls as they sleep in daytime and the flash would damage their eyes but some flew about while we were in their enclosure. Some of those waiting to go into the Owl house are shown here. From left to right: Nancy Neal, Lea Hullett, Andrea Thomson, Robin Winter, Jacki Bryant, Diana Humphries, Sandra Stevens, Jackie Holland, Marion van Dijk, Guy Vincent & Barbara Vincent. Photo: Peter van Dijk

Waiting to enter the Owls' house. Photo Lea Hullett

Barbara Vincent and Ian Cameron received certificates from Margaret Salkeld. Photo: Peter van Dijk

At the AGM awards were given out. Cathie Perrott received the Hi Point Mule Trophy from Barbara Vincent and Zanna Cameron. Photo: Peter van Dijk

Joanne Hardy admired the display set up by Jackie Holland at the AGM for the Bishop Mule Days 2009 group trip. Photo: Lea Hullett

A Quiz (compiled by Anke van Dijk) and games followed the Saturday evening dinner. Peter van Dijk was responsible for the startling “donkey”.

Some of the people who enjoyed a delicious lunch at Pemberton Donkey Stud on the last day.

Andrea had prepared a booklet listing the Pemberton Stud donkeys and the history was very interesting. The Stud originated 19 years ago and is breeding Australian Teamsters for riding, carriage driving and companionship. Photos for Pemberton Stud: Lea Hullett

The upstanding Pemberton Prospero showed interest in the many visitors as did Blithe Moon Chad on right.

Pemberton Troy (bottle fed by Andrea for his first months, is now owned by Wendy Macpherson) met Janet Ritchie. Right, Andrea with Ann and Neil Cook of Whangarei with Pemberton Kalgoorlie.

Pemberton Mimi with Janet Ritchie and others walked around the donkeys. Right, Cressida of Pemberton.

Goodbyes! Guy Vincent took this photo of Margaret and Arthur Salkeld, Diana Humphries and Barbara Vincent outside the Vincent home.