Donkey & Mule Protection Trust of NZ

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.) Set up an Independent Trust

Non-Profit Charitable Organisation Incorporated #1638328

The Trust's mission statement is:

‘Improving the lives of Donkey and Mules in New Zealand’

Over the years many individual members have rescued and rehabilitated neglected donkeys.
These rescues have been financed mainly by individuals.
However, a separate Trust has been set up which will pay for some cases if the rescuers cannot afford things like gelding.
The trust has limited resources but tries to look into any case of donkey neglect that is drawn to attention.

Welfare Cases

Happy donkeys grazing in a field? Not so, see below the images of their feet!

Many rescue donkeys are former bull donkeys. These donkeys are usually quite wild with overgrown feet and are difficult to rehome. They need carers who are very experienced. If you're new to donkeys and plan to own one please review the page on care of the donkey.