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Cheques should be made out to: The Donkey & Mule Society of N.Z (Inc.)
Note: Prices are in NZ$ and are for stock on hand, plus postage & packaging.


DONKEYS – Business As Usual.By Christine Berry
Beginner’s guide to keeping donkeys. This is the donkey book enthusiasts have been awaiting for the past ten years. It contains everything you need to know from A-Z. From maintenance to in-depth care this step by step guide is for the beginner to the expert. $40.00

Donkey Foaling Manual. By Bonnie Gross.
Written by a miniature donkey breeder, but the information is applicable to all donkeys. 

Lots and lots of useful detail on all you want to know about donkey foals and foaling. 241 pages and a good index.

Make Mine A Mule By Ann Walker
This is a remarkable true story of companionship, filled with heartfelt love and emotion. Soft Cover 101 pages $22.00

Donkey & Mule Society Cards and badges

Black and White Sketches. Packets of 10 cards (including envelopes) only $6.00.

Badges. The badge depicts the Society's official logo in the colours of black and white. It is the same size and shape as the old one. Cost is $2.00