The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Standard, Mammoth & Mule Registry — about & forms

Contact: Judy Weild,
1096 Lakeside Road, RD 2, Milton 9292
Ph: 03 4174766 or Mobile: 021 388 371 Email

Miniature Registry - A, B & C - about & forms

Contact: Peter van Dijk,
368 Runciman Rd., RD 2, Pukekohe 2677
Ph: 09 238 9350. E-mail

Both registrars supply forms for the registration and the transfer of donkeys and mules,
registration of prefix names and registration of brands.

The Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand maintains registers for Mules and Miniature, Standard and Mammoth donkeys.
Click on a link above. The files below apply to both.

See the Standards of Conformation and Type for Donkeys
which outlines the standards and traits for the recognised breeds.

Download General rules applying to the registration of donkeys and mules (Updated April, 2015):

Download a lease agreement

Registration Fees

Donkey Society Registers (all sections)
on Compact Disk

Price $20.

Please make cheques payable to:
Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand Inc.

* For Compact Disks Contact:
Judy Weild,
1096 Lakeside Road, RD 2, Milton 9292
Ph: 03 4174766 or Mobile: 021 388 371 Email

The Donkey & Mule Society (Inc.)
General and Breed Registers consist of 25 files.

General Register

  1. Jacks/Geldings (name order) All registered jacks and geldings except miniatures
  2. Jacks/Geldings (numerical) As above numerical order
  3. General Register Jennies (name order) All registered jennies except miniatures
  4. General Register Jennies (numerical) As above numerical order
  5. Accredited Jacks Photo and 3 generation pedigree
  6. Accredited Jennies As above
  7. Mules All registered mules
  8. Known Brands Graphic of brands currently known
  9. Stud names registered with the Society

Purebred Registers Photo (if supplied) and 3 generation pedigrees

  1. Australian Teamster Jacks/Geldings
  2. Australian Teamster Jennies
  3. American Mammoth Jacks/Geldings
  4. American Mammoth Jennies
  5. American Mammoth Jackstock Jacks/Geldings
  6. American Mammoth Jackstock Jennies
  7. English/Irish Jacks/Geldings
  8. English/Irish Jennies
  9. Ponui Jacks/Geldings ... No photo or 3 generation pedigree
  10. Ponui Jennies ... No photo or 3 generation pedigree

Miniatures (photo and 3 generation pedigree)- A, B & C

  1. American Mediterranean Section A jacks and geldings
  2. American Mediterranean Section A jennies
  3. American Mediterranean Section B jacks and geldings
  4. American Mediterranean Section B jennies
  5. American Mediterranean Section C jacks and geldings
  6. American Mediterranean Section C jennies

The files are current to the date shown on the cover of the CD and are burnt on order.