Publications of

The Donkey & Mule Society of NZ (Inc.)

Publications available to all members of the Donkey & Mule Society of NZ Inc. at no charge other than an A5 SAE plus $2.40 or stamps to cover postage. There are small charges for other publications to non members. (Covering costs)

Donkey & Mule Dispatch
Quarterly Magazine, available to members only. See the Magazinepage for details

Owners' Code of Ethics 2006
Free to members and non-members.$2.40 or post an A5 envelope & stamps.

A Guide To Training Your Donkey To Harness 2008
Non-members $5.00 plus $2.40 or post an A5 envelope & stamps.
Free to members.

To receive prined copies of the booklets above contact
The Secretary, Ann Heffernan,
P.O. Box 715,
Invercargill 9840
Ph: 021 02244407 E-mail

Show Rules & Guidelines for Judges and Competitors
NOTE: No longer available in print. This booklet can be downloaded Colour 4.2 MB or Download small file size pdf

Show Results for season & Award Winners past & PresentAward Winners & Show Results Available on the web site (to view in pdf or tick the box on the subscription form to receive the printed copy for the following year.

Standards of Conformation & Type for Mules and Breeding a MuleDownload small file size pdf

Standards of Conformation & Type for DonkeysDownload small file size pdf

To receive printed copies of the booklets above, contact
The Show Secretary, Andrea Thomson,
'Pemberley', Kiwitea, 2113 Kimbolton Road, R.D. 7, Feilding 4777
Ph: 06 328 9812 E-mail

Also available from the General Registrar

Donkey Society Registers

All sections on Compact Disk


Contact the Registrarfor more details