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December, 2013 issue


Arthur Salkeld and 32 year old Kilnine Jacob doing the cone course and won the Champion Harness Donkey at the Canterbury A&P Show in November.

September 2013 issue


Jenny foal, Clovercrest Chiquita, was born at two days over 11 months gestation, so she was very early for a donkey. One ear was floppy which made her look comical. Right: Chiquita with both ears up and with her new owner Barbara who is a new donkey owner and a member of the D&M Society. Photos: Peter & Marion van Dijk.

June, 2013 issue


Lyndle Lister at her 1st Easter show with Clovercrest Guiseppe who won Champion Youngstock and fancy dress.
Photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk.

March, 2013 issue


Captive audience. Some of the St. Francis Kindy children with Pauline Sainsbury, BOP Area Representative.

December 2012 issue


A family affair at the Christchurch 150th A&P Show. Arthur Salkeld leading Kulnine Jacob, Margaret Salkeld leading Cotswold Little Monty, Fiona with daughters Monique and Amelia. Photo Lea Hullett.

September 2012 issue


Trevor Steven’s donkey Dellos surrounded by delighted pupils at the at Epsom Girls Grammar School. Story on page 14. Photo Trevor Stevens.

June 2012 issue


ANZAC Day. Bagpipes ushered James Burnett and Seamus the donkey down to the war memorial in Woodbury. Seamus (30s) has been attending for a number of years and James is outfitted by Sylvia Strang-Parsloe for the occasion. He has lived all his life at Woodbury and keeps in the best of health with a carpeted shelter, regular farrier visits and diet watched by Sylvia and John Parsloe.

March 2012 issue


Cotswold Minnie Moppet carries ‘Mary’ (Ella Sugrue) down at Christmas On The Bay, an evening event held at Timaru to raise money for a new MRI scanner. The children from Bluestone School sang ‘Little Donkey’. Moppet was led by Nick O'Brien and following was Moppet's daughter Cotswold Lavender Rose led by Lea Hullett. After walking up and down while the children sang, the donkeys were surrounded by children on the green and booklets with a donkey story were handed out. Photo: Shane Sugrue.