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December 2007 issue

Andrea Thomson feeding Pemberton Troy . Troy was born on November 4, and his mother Cressida of Pemberton was dry. Andrea wrote, “He sucks my finger which I put in the milk, so he also sucks up the milk. It is very efficient!” Troy is by Kairangi Victor.

September 2007 issue

above: Gerry Shorter at the Rotorua Fun Day with donkeys Jess, Flynn & Pedro.

June 2007 issue

Coralie and Robin Winter's mule foal 'Braywin Spectacular Blueboy'. He is out of their beautiful grey thoroughbred mare, Ellie.

March, 2007 issue

Auckland Area donkey walk

December 2006 issue

Jemima Puddle Duck born October 14, to Marianne Smith's jenny Cotswold Miss Molly and fathered by Cotswold Andy Magee

September 2006 issue

Margaret Salkeld took this photo of Chiquillo Fergus on his travels from Cotswold Stud, Motukarara, back to his home at Awapuni Stud , Taupiri. Fergus had spent 12 months 'meeting' the 'young ladies' of the South!

June 2006 issue contains

March 2006 issue contains 60 pages: