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Buying your Harness

Buying a Cart

Hi Point Mule Trophy 2006 — Oakville Sophie, Pauline Lovejoy

It is not always easy to find a suitable cart to drive. Carts built for ponies may be too heavy for a donkey to pull. They may sometimes need the shafts shortening and widening but this is not a serious difficulty with most carts. You would be wise to consult a driving person before making changes. Subtle differences to the balance are critical and difficult to assess if you are inexperienced.

A handyman with some engineering skills can build a basic jogger on motorbike wheels and drawings for these can sometimes be found in driving books/magazines. This can be a cheap option but, once again, care must be taken to ensure that the balance is correct.

Keep an eye on the Trading Post column on the website or contact your nearest carriage driving club. Vehicles are often advertised by word of mouth so it pays to let driving club members know what you are looking for.

If you are looking to buy new:

  • Saddlery Warehouse sells a lightweight jogger which is suitable for training purposes and for use on flat ground. Prices start at about $700.00.

  • Lorien (contact details on harness page) produces a lightweight, two wheeled carriage, very suitable for donkeys. The ‘Lorien Transformer’ is an all steel gig that is available in several forms, from a jogger on space-saver wheels to a top quality Show or Combined Drive carriage. A basic ‘Transformer’ can be built on or added to, as budget allows or needs change. Prices start from $3,100.

If you know of someone else who makes suitable vehicles, please let us know.

Happy Driving!