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2012/13 Show Results and Awards & Trophy Winners 2013 Show Booklet

Award & trophy Winners 2013

Spendor's Nestle Special Dark
Peter & Marion van Dijk

Pearl Wilson Trophy
Cotswold Stud Cup &
Chateau Stud Senior Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Cup
Waikato Royal Champion Cup

photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk

Braywin Spectacular Blueboy,
Robin Winter

El Donto Trophy
Hi Point Mule Trophy

photo: Coralie Winter

Flaxton Green Macauley
G & S Green

Frances Tatham Trophy

photo: Lea Hullett

Kairangi Victor
Andrea Thomson

progeny — Kowhai Rosie, Pemberton Portia, Pemberton Troy & Pemberton Alfredo

Colin Thom Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup

photo: supplied

Fernlea Lucy
(1st Equal with last year's winner) — progeny: Fernlea Dylan, Fernlea Lulu, Fernlea Lightening & Fernlea Lily
Joan Rabbitte

Pemberton Stud Perpetual Challenge Cup
South Island Publicity Award

Clovercrest Giuseppe
Shelley Pender

Clovercrest Junior Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Cup

photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk

Kowhai Rosie
Robin Winter

Kaihe Trophy (1st Equal)

photo: Lea Hullett

Pablo Collier
Jan Mitchell

Kaihe Trophy (1st Equal)
Silverwood Trophy

photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk

Pemberton Don Giovanni
Jan Mitchell

Awapuni Stud Trophy

photo: Jackie Bryant

Khania of Peach Hill
Joanne Hardy

Cameron Family Mule Trophy

Jasmine Mr. Darcy & Pemberton Angelotti
Andrea Thomson

Cameron Family Donkey Trophy

Monique Priest
Pemberton Thistle

Young Exhibitor Award

photo: Peter & Marion van Dijk

ountry Music's Spade Cooley
Jack & Maisie Hurst

North Island Publicity Award

photo: Jack Hurst with Country Music's Spade Cooley and judge